When you watch a certain movie about the travel destination that you are travelling to, it helps you connect to the place. It feels so fascinating to read about a place in books or watch it in movies watching people spend their lives there, but what is more fascinating is how you go there and observe the life for yourself. It makes you feel attached and connected to the place and you observe every place where you favorite character once lived, or dined, or maybe kissed their lover.

So, if you are a wandered and a hopeless romantic, watch the movies mentioned below and plan your next trip accordingly.

One Week

One week is the story of a man on a motorcycle who rides on the bike and takes a trip across Canada. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, the protagonist sets on a journey to explore places that he can see. The movie is about an ultimate Canadian road trip and shows some of the prettiest views and places in Canada. Besides, it is uplifting, and a pretty enlighteningstory of self-discovery, that teaches us to live life before it is too late. The movie is a tribute to being alive and to Canada, which makes it one of the best motorcycle movies. So, if you live in Canada or ever plan on taking a road trip, watch one week, and then leave.

Before Sunrise Trilogy

Before Sunrise Trilogy is like three of the best travel and romantic movies under one name. The travel films are filmed ten years apart and they take place in different locations across Europe in Vienna, Paris, and Greece. The moviescapture the essence of each destination and showcase entire destinations beautifully. The first movie is Before Sunrise is set in Vienna and show the entire city beautifully. The second one, before Sunset is filmed in Paris, and captures the beauty and energy of Paris, and the third one, Before Midnight is set in Kalamata Greece. So, if you love traveling and romantic movies, this trilogy can help with your romantic getaway ideas.

Into the Wild

Into the Wild is the real life true story of Christopher McCandless who went on a cross-country road trip through the US, and ended up in Alaska. Apart from the beautiful dialogues, narration, and breath-taking sceneries, what blows our mind is how a person could hitchhike that far and cut off all human relationships. It is mesmerizing and unbelievable thinking someone could completely cut off theirfamily and the society and go live the in the wild.The movie is beautiful, views the sceneries across the country, and shows almost all kinds of wild beauty all over the US till Alaska.

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Everest is the movie for true mountaineering lovers, and is a first-hand account by John Krakauer. It is the true story of what happened on Everest in 1996 when John Krakauer was present there. While we would not recommend going there if you are not a mountaineer but the movie will touch your heart seeing how the team tries to survive against a deadly storm while they try to reach the highest peak of the world. If you know mountains, you will feel every bit of the movie.

Lawrence of Arabia

The movie Lawrence of Arabia makes you dream of the Arabian Desert, as it is often considered one of the best travel movies. The movie is historical and is set in Jordan, Spain, and Morocco. It beautifully showcases and takes us on a journey through the Arabian Deserts and Desert vistas. So, if you ever plan on going to Jordan and walk those steps in the desert, watch this movie before leaving. It will make you want to visit all those places and do all those things that you see in the classic movie.


Amelie is one of the most beautiful travel movies and shows beautiful views of Paris and everyday life in Montmartre. The message of the film is beautiful, uplifting, and when Amelie quietly helps people around in the district of Montmartre Paris it makes you want to go the same places and live there as the girl does. So, if you have always wanted to visit Paris and find it super romantic, watch Amelie before you go, it will definitely make you feel a connection with the place.

Under the Tuscan Sun

If you are also a hopeless romantic, you will love the movie Under the Tuscan Sun. All of us have a romantic fantasy of wanting to buy a villa in a far off small town, live there and fall in love with a charming stranger who speaks a strange language. The movie is a true story where the protagonist shows how moving away to a strange city and starting a new life can save you and fix your life. The movie gives us great hope in life and makes us believe how good things can happen and you can live your fantasies for real. So, if you plan to visit Italy, do watch this movie and go live in Tuscany for the sake if it.

The Hangover 2

While not everyone likes a sad or romantic movie, we have The Hangover 2 on our list that will have you laughing on your knees and crushing on the life of Bangkok. While the first part of The Hangover takes you to Vegas, Hangover 2 gives you a tour to Bangkokas well as a laughter therapy. The movie not only shows you how lively Bangkok is, it also shows you that the hospital bills and life in Bangkok is super affordable. The movie shows you the crazy energy and potential of the city and makes you want to visit Bangkok at least once in life with your friends and lose your guard.

Mama Mia

Set in Pelion Greece, Mama Mia shows you the incredible beauty of the Greek islands. The story is about a hotel owner and her daughter who gets just engaged. The daughter invited three men to her wedding in order to find out, which one of them is her father. The story is fun, and the crystal blue sea, the music of Abba, and the Santorini blue and white houses make you want to visit Greece with your family and have your travel dream come true.

The movies mentioned above, are fun, heart touching, fascinating, and take you on a journey to all the places that you haven’t even visited.

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