If you are an avid gamer who is looking for ways to improve your skills, look no further, as we offer a few tips from pro gamers on how to improve your gaming performance.

  1. Choosing your game – While many people prefer first person shooter games like Call of Duty, there are alternatives in the form of adventure games that host multi-players from all over the world. Whatever game you choose, you will spend many hours trying to become a champion, therefore, it makes perfect sense to choose a game that you are suited for and one that you enjoy. Google can help you discover new gaming platforms and do take the time to try them out a few times; it might take a while for you to develop a liking for a particular game.
  2. Player controls – Some players like to use a joystick and most games offer quite a few options regarding player control. If you invest in a gaming keyboard, there are extra keys for gaming, which gives you more options. Most gamers now use wireless keyboard and mouse for obvious reasons; explore all the options and you might be pleasantly surprised. After a hard gaming session, you can relax by playing the online slots at your favourite online casino.
  3. Review your PC hardware – Of course, top gaming demands high-spec hardware and you should review the amount of DDR4 RAM (32Gb is preferred). The most important PC component for gamers is the graphics card, which is responsible for send the data to the monitor, so do make sure that your VGA card is up to the task of playing hi-res games. The other vital component is the CPU, which should be a quad core processor from Intel or AMD. In the event your PC is a few years old, it might be an idea to upgrade to a machine with higher specs. Click here for information on augmented gaming, which is said to be the future of gaming.
  4. Invest in a gaming chair – A state-of-the-art gaming chair is a must-have piece of kit for all aspiring gamers. Search online for the best deals and when you start playing, you’ll realise why it makes a difference. Fully adjustable with many great features, a gaming chair is an integral component to great and consistent play.
  5. Don’t play for long periods – Sitting in front of a PC for many hours will not do you any good; every player should set themselves a time limit per session and stick to that. You can seriously strain your eyes if you play for extended periods and your back will ache after a few hours of continuous play. If you can take a 10-minute break every hour, this will give you a chance to walk around and get the circulation going.

Online gaming is fast becoming the number one hobby for millions and with the rich graphics and exciting virtual terrains, it is easy to see why.

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